WordPress Site Migration

2015-09-09 03-49-46_Website Screenshot Generator & API

This was a project for my client to move over all the blog post from Trapponline.com/blog to Trapptechnology.com/blog with 301 redirect of the blog url. I have totally migrate the site old site blog section to the new site with re-formatting the content into a new template. The old one was in text editor and new one is in visual editor.

Key activities of mine for this project are:

  • Move over the blog posts.
  • Fully new format of the post by using visual editor.
  • Create Tags and Categories for the posts.
  • Redirect the urls with plugin.


Skills I had to put for this project are:

  • Blogging on WordPress.COM platform.
  • Content Formatting.
  • Redirect Urls.
  • Visual editor.
  • Video embed from youtube.


Click The Image For Live Site.